Sonntag, 19. Januar 2014

Starting another Venetian

I am not a masochist. It´s just that my first Venetian lamp went away as a gift to my sister in law and her family. So it has to be replaced. This shade is important to me, as it differs from most others we know from Tiffany Studios. Its design is very well balanced and the glass glowing like a bunch of jewels if selected with care and attention. What else is needed ? time, patience, and a little bit more precision than usual. The leadlines should be fine, as the single glass pieces are really tiny in some areas. The lamp on the right is from the NY historical society.

1 Kommentar:

  1. Your attention to detail surely is amazing… I am more inclined to prefer the flowered shades but I do very much appreciate what an excellent reproduction this is and I am always amazed at how well you match the glass and colors to the original… I am not a patient person and a lamp of this detail might well overwhelm me! I am anxious to get at another shade, but for the foreseeable future I am very much tied up in creating panel commissions that I have committed to… the next shade will be a commission of the spider mum designed by Paul Crist, but it may be close to summer before I can start it.

    Excellent work as always… Larry