Freitag, 18. August 2017

A Dogwood Chandelier

This Dogwood chandelier is one I wanted to make 
for years, but had not enough courage to start with.
It requires a lot of preparation since the pattern has
to be sorted out before you can cut the first piece of
glass, and anyway, not every project has to be made
immediately. Some can wait. The picture below
shows the pattern as it fits to my mold. This mold is
self made, out of styrofoam, coated with plaster.
I was happy there is almost no overlapping, only
1 cm to the bottom, which is quite ok.

The pattern is too large for my light box, I have to
change something about it and decided to continue
on another light box. Should have thought earlier 
about it or a better setting of this pattern, but well...
Taking some darker parts out and replacing them...
small changes are constantly made towards the end.

The pieces are mounted to the mold with wax, which
I removed before soldering, it´s just to keep them
in place until they are tacked together. Removing
the shade from the mold will be easy in the end.
Looks ugly now? well, I am not a perfectionist.
Perfectionists prefer evenly shaped solderlines.
I prefer them to be dynamic, like a drawing that
was made with a brush. Inaccuracies you may
detect now won´t matter at all when the soldering
is finished inside and out.
Towards the top fitting the pieces and soldering 
goes faster than on the bottom.

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