Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2015

The bars of my cage

I rarely question myself : " what are you doing here ? " , but sometimes it happens. As if I was trying to justify my existence, I switch on all the lights in the living room, then sit down, look around - and can´t help but feeling a bit like an idiot.


  1. Well if there were any truth in your statement regarding "being an idiot" (and you definitely are not) you would have good company as I love what you have displayed and I try to do the same although I don't do it nearly as well as you do... there is great value in expressing one's creativity so amazingly... I often think about the poor souls who spend most of their senior years stuck in front of a television set and living their lives through others.... not for me, despite all the road blocks with back and shoulder pain, etc... in fact I just went in for more cortisone injections so that I can get back to lamp making!! I'll be darned if I'll quit and will really have to work hard to plan my death at the completion of a lamp shade as I wouldn't want to leave one undone!!! LOL
    Friends, Larry

  2. Actually I think I misinterpreted what you said... I think you were saying it would be wrong to question your accomplishments... either way I agree... you amaze me! Larry

    1. I´m questioning both, Larry. My mere existance and what you call my accomplishments. Particulary looking back - although it may appear impressive, in the end it remains ridiculous. Thanks for your kind words and positive thinking, Larry. And take care of yourself , please, would you ?

  3. Hi again... I just saw your response... for me creativity is a marvelous gift from above as it were.... I know that the things I create bring joy to others because they tell me so.... if we can share the things we create by allowing others to see and hence enjoy them, then I think there is real purpose in what we do.... I know people who have beautiful gardens or collections and keep them secret... that would take a big part of the joy from me I think.... I just came across one of your many shared videos on Vmeo of your work.... it was amazing... I also totally enjoyed your video of the exhibition of Tiffany in the Netherlands... you bring excitement to my life with your willingness to share your talent and you inspire me and for that I thank you!! Friends, Larry