Sonntag, 16. März 2014


  1. You rock Elie!!!... What an undertaking with this shade...
    I like all the lamps seen spread about in the previous post as well... what a marvelous collection! And I just noticed the smoke rings coming from the pipe in your caricature... like I said... You Rock!

    1. wished you were right, Larry, but in fact I feel ashamed about being so slow, almost incapable to work as I should. You are too kind. Hopefully next week the shade will be finished.

  2. I can relate to going slow on a project Elie... my right shoulder is so bad that I sometimes procrastinate because of the pain but then I think... I'm not in a race! ...and my workmanship continues to improve, so why worry! What if I don't get the 40 other designs I want in my collection done before I die... I really don't know what I'd do with them anyway as my kids only want a couple each... I've considered willing them to extended family but that would be a stretch since none of my four siblings have children... I used to say that I was going to put it in my will that they couldn't sell them and save them for future generations if they didn't want to display them themselves... now I'm thinking, why not sell them myself and enjoy the money and what it can buy down the road. The other thing that comes to mind is to donate them to some sort of a museum... but I know how that can work. My grandfather donated a famous chair in the 30's that had come to the US in the early 1700's and survived a famous Indian raid in South Royalton, Vermont... when I check into it many years ago, there was no sign of the chair... that particular museum had been closed and the chair went who knows records so probably ended up lining someone's pockets! Bottom line... I'll probably keep creating them and they will be someone else's problem eventually... I certainly can't take them with me!! Larry